Where To Travel Next Post-Covid

Ah yes, 2020. The year where we learned so much: that climate change can burn our forests down, a drone strike can bring us to the brink of World War III and that pandemics really suck. But perhaps the most important lesson we have learnt so far is how much we all take travelling for granted. 

The million-dollar question on everyone’s mind right now is when we can start to travel again. Unfortunately, nobody knows, but if you’re dying to buy the next return ticket to anywhere once the world opens up, hold your horses and read this article first. With people across the globe spending the majority of 2020 trapped inside their homes, we’ve put together 5 travel destinations so you can remember what it’s like to be one with nature, whilst spending quality time with your family and friends!


If you were not one of the lucky ones “stuck” here riding out COVID-19, then we highly recommend flying here ASAP. Located within the archipelago of Indonesia, also known as the “Island of the Gods”, there’s enough going on here to cater for all types. Whether you’re a party animal looking to go wild in Kuta, a vegan yogi who likes chilling on the beach in Canggu, a lost soul looking for that missing part of you in the jungles of Ubud, Bali has it all. Reliant on tourism, Bali was hit hard during the pandemic, so by all means, please spend your hard-earned cash here.

New Zealand

Perhaps most known for its smooth handling of the pandemic in 2020, there’s much more to this beautiful country than Lord of the Rings. Soak in all the dramatic sights that nature has to offer, whilst periodically pinching yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming. From glaciers and mountains to quaint little towns, you’re sure to find something up your street here. Learn about ancient Māori culture, stock up on Manuka honey, or try your hand at herding sheep. Try the lamb!


Road trip anyone? With only paying as low as $75 a day, you could rent a campervan or an RV.  Start your journey wherever you please and end it wherever you please. Whether you’re into hiking at Yosemite National Park or finding the hippest café in Brooklyn, with 50 states to choose from, you’re in for a big treat. Great scenic routes include: The Pacific Coast Highway, The Deep South, and the classic Route 66.

If food is your strong point, then the USA is not going to disappoint. From BBQ to pumpkin pie, they’ve got it all. P.S. Burger aficionados will not be going home disappointed.

South Africa

Are you looking for braai, endless landscapes, golden beaches, wildlife and wine? Okay the wine was a pointless thing to ask about, I mean who isn’t looking for wine? Well, South Africa has all of the above and much more. Partake on a safari and witness first-hand why lions are the top of the food chain, or if that’s not your thing, you can chill one of the many wineries and “taste” till your heart’s content. How about the culture? Boasting 11 official languages and over a dozen tribes, you’re sure to leave this beautiful country in awe.


Located in the South Caucasus and known for its culture and history, diverse nature (think snowy mountains to beautiful coastline) and rich, scrumptious food. Did we mention this place is the cradle of wine too?! Explore the old cobbled streets of Tbilisi and admire the historic architecture, or breathe in the cool mountain air whilst in awe of Gergeti Trinity Church. Don’t forget to try the khinkali!

Wherever you end up booking for your ticket to, just remember not to take the normal times for granted and get travelling as much as you can. Here’s to 2020 ending ASAP.


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