Our journey
begins with the understanding the current problem, something that we want you guys to know more of.

A study by Science Advances journal shows that the world currently mass generates about 6.3 billion metric tons plastic waste yearly. Out of that incomprehensible number, not even ten percent gets recycled today. The remaining percentage accumulates as landfill, waiting for the rain to take its way to the oceans, the world’s final dumpster. If the trend continues, the world will accumulate 12 billion metric tons of plastic waste, and that waste isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


We believe there must be a better way, there has to be.


Patémar – noting its vision as the Stewards of the Ocean – is committed to ecological integrity and social impact within the apparel industry’s sphere. Our respect to nature and to our global community is what we uphold in creating the balance between sustainable luxury and adventurous lifestyle.


“We will celebrate small victories and learn from past mistakes.
We believe its time to turn the tide around. One shorts at a time.”


Master Tailor hand-making Patémar shorts


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