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Our Material

The fabrics of your Patémar shorts are made from 100% upcycled plastic landfill and ocean wastes. Each pair of shorts is approximately equivalent to 12 plastic bottles of waste being salvaged to prevent further harm to the planet.

Once gathered, plastic wastes are collected and sorted, deformed, cut down into flakes, heated and extruded into fiber, the fiber is then processed into upcycled fabric. The process is a reverse-engineering method of the common PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic pellets, which is locally known as “plastic seed”. Most of plastic bottles and packaging that we see are made out of PET. The same PET can also make polyester fabric used in T-shirts and other goods.

Our materials are carefully and thoughtfully sourced and processed to eliminate the unnecessary reliance on petroleum or wasteful virgin materials; balancing the highest quality of material and the highest ethical standard of production.

Practical luxury is the core of our packaging design and construction method. We try to be as thoughtful as possible when choosing each design elements, minimizing single-use materials and encourage you to re-purpose it as much and long as you can. Should you feel the need to throw it away at some point, all of our tags, cards, and boxes are 100% recyclable and in full compliance with FSC recycled paper certification. This means somebody else will be able to regenerate our material into their product one day.

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